Donnerstag, 22. April 2010


okay, we have to wait a bit. yes, i can see you. okay. as soon as the little problems with the split screen are solved, the video conference can start. yes, you're live. okay. we are very happy. it is a fantastic moment of science. we are all exicited. great. okay. this is the end of the message and we are back. yes. and what's the difference. stable beams means that we don't touch the beams no more. we have clean conditions. the beam lifetime conditions are very good. we finally have stable beams. now we will touch nothing. now we can see very nice events. people are very happy. there is another applause. thanks to stable beams. this is the cms control room. there is a lot of emotion. this is the atlas control room at a historical moment. this is actually live and here we have the head of the physics department. what an extraordinary moment. big efforts. years of effort. almost 20 years of effort. this is really a fantastic moment. we recorded collisions very quickly. what we see right now are the events from cms. the data first collected. and here we are live from cms. hi. hi cms. as you can see we really got nice events. it is a great time for us. it has taken us three attempts this morning. now we are in collision. now we have stable beams. we are just at the beginning. we are able to really start a real adventure. a newborn baby. it is really great. okay. so what can i say. it was so nice to see these two beams approaching and the event rate going up. the event rate is incredible. so many particles. so many energy. we continue to record data. what is the next important milestone. hello everybody, this is really a great moment. we drank a little bit of champagne, but not too much.

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