Montag, 7. Juni 2010

Ein Leipziger (wie wir)

Swarm (Fritz von Meyer) is a fictional character and supervillain, an enemy of Spider-Man in the Marvel Comics universe. A former Nazi sympathizer, his most notable feature is that his entire body is composed of bees.

Fritz von Meyer was born in Leipzig, Germany, and became one of Hitler's top scientists. Escaping capture after World War II he became a beekeeper or apiarist in South America, and discovered a colony of mutated bees. Intrigued by their intelligence and passive nature, von Meyer attempted to enslave the queen bee, but failed and the bees devoured him, leaving only his skeleton. The unique qualities of the bees caused his consciousness to be absorbed into them, allowing von Meyer to manipulate the hive to do his will, although some of his skeletal remains are inside the swarm itself. His consciousness merged with the swarm to the extent that they become one being. [...]

(from: Wikipedia)

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