Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

I Am An American Poet No 1

a disparity under the sky

you say, he says
or in my words:
this is where I used to walk -
a certain eloquence
from the past.

grant me access
under this new sky
that shields me from this wide range, blue and gray
I once knew
and takes me in
to this strange story.

something you wish to share?

I must have not listened
when I was there.

we all are different, yes,
I know.
the things we need for ourselves
are here.
they say,
we found out the most of us -
leave me rest
for this what is it (to say it like it is in some distant word),
upstairs I cannot see myself
in the alleys.

where the world is open-end the mind is stuck without a real start
to beginn with.

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